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A lot of companies are into direct marketing now. This is a not-so-new advertising technique which allows retailers and/or manufacturers to send messages to their target consumers. They do this via snail mail, which is why such an approach is getting thumbs up for its attempt at personal engagement. That does not mean to say that it has always been highly regarded. Back in the 1990s it was actually called "junk mail" and had quite a number of negative connotations. Today, it is one of the surest possible ways to succeed with your marketing efforts. Below are best practices in direct marketing


Conduct thorough research. Before spending money on any other direct marketing services, you should get to know your target consumers first. Only then can you update your mailing list, and see what kind of language registers they respond well to. If you were to give them freebies, what would be the most effective? Research can help you save a lot of money in your direct marketing efforts.


Print in full color. Try not to scrimp on ink and good paper when you are employing direct marketing techniques. You would just waste more money that way. Consumers are more likely to read text from a colored glossy than some black and white meme. If you can print attractive graphics and text on the envelope itself, it would also increase the possibility of your ad material being read.


Give incentives. Freebies and discounts are always good practices when you are direct marketing. It makes your target consumer feel that you are doing something beyond simply informing them about your new products. You are also thanking them for being loyal clients. If you are sending your ads to new clients, incentives also lower the risk of investing in your services or products, making your offerings much more attractive.


Great copies. Just like billboards and TV ads, direct marketing materials must also have "smart text." Sometimes people overlook the importance of a powerful copy. They rely on colorful graphics and hope people would simply pick up on their lazy writing. If you are not confident with your own sales copy skills, outsource. Choose credible agencies that offer layout and copy services. This way, you will not be left behind by your competitors.   


Be timely. Sometimes, the secret to great direct marketing is also in the distribution. If your target consumers are working people, have your materials sent to the office or even better, schedule the delivery on weekends. Choose a credible mailing service that will not let you down.




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Best Practices in Direct Marketing

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This article was published on 2011/08/26