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Anyone who signs up as a new distributor or consultant in a network marketing (MLM or multi-level marketing) company or an online marketing opportunity will probably find that it is not exactly easy to find success.  Although there are some true leaders who come in with a following and who have so much credibility in business that others will join them immediately, most will find that it is a difficult matter to make substantial money in such businesses.  Even those who are now the so called gurus who have earned millions often tell their stories of being total failures before the success came.


There are a number of reasons that people fail in these businesses.  One reason that a millionaire guru indicates as being a main reason for failure is that people don't have a mentor, someone to help and guide them to success.  There are many mentors available in any business.  Some come for a fee or want to sell their products to help you find success, but others are available to help for the asking.  Particularly in the network marketing business, where people are paid on the efforts and business of those signed up under them, there should be leaders above them willing to help.  After all, they, who are your upline, earn more money if and when you earn money.  It is in their best interest to help you to succeed in the business.


Unless someone sees you as a potential leader in whom they put their belief, it is not likely that you will be helped that much.  If, however, you let them know that you are truly interested in making a success of the effort, you should be able to get their attention and the help you need.  Find that mentor or mentors and ask for their help. 


Most network marketing companies and online marketing opportunities in this day and age of technology have many ways available to help and mentor a new person coming into the business.  They hold conference calls on a regular basis which are for training and for recruitment of others.  Leaders within the company share their experiences and expertise with new people.  The companies have websites which are provided for distributors to make it easy to introduce prospects to the opportunity.  They may have an extensive archive of training and recruiting calls on hand.  These can serve as your mentors as well to help you find success.  It is just a matter of taking advantage of the resources which are readily available.


The mentors are out there, and there are people who want to see you succeed.  Find a mentor and get the help you want or need.

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Find A Mentor And Ask For Help

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This article was published on 2010/10/09