So when are you going to make a name for yourself?

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What are you doing on a daily basis to stand out from the gazillions of online marketers competing for attention?

Are you one of those marketers that is hiding behind affiliate sites, and "canned" classified ads? Well I can pretty much guess you're not making money online.

Why should I buy from you when there are thousands "HAWKING" the same products, and services that you are? Plus running the same worn out "canned ads".

Can you say, "Law of diminishing returns."

I just roll my eyes when I see this kind of "me too" marketing which is so prevalent online.

I just think to myself, "These newbies/wanabees are truly quite clueless, and really do need to go see one of those twenty five hundred dollar Internet marketing 'head shrinks' (GURUS)".

If you're hiding, and doing your best to stay the anonymous Internet Entrepreneur, then how do I build a relationship with you? Get to know, you? Trust what you are saying is true? HUH?

Perfect example, "SPAM ARTISTS". The only "bottom dwellers" that are making money doing this, are those with "offshore" mail servers selling this type of service.

If all the "so called" marketers sending "SPAM" had one brain cell between all of them, they would figure out that this is not only NOT good for business, but hurts all involved with marketing online.

"Yes," we're supposed to reply, "Let's do business! I don't know you, trust you, and can't even contact you, but that's ok, here's my money. Put it in your 'offshore' bank account, so I'll never see it, or hear from you again."

Dumb, and dumber. Stupid is as stupid does.

So, if you're affiliated with any Bulk emailers, AIE's (Anonymous Internet Entrepreneurs) and Too-Good-to-be-True programs, QUIT WASTING YOUR TIME, AND MONEY. Plus just as importantly, your prospect's time.


WOW! WHAT A CONCEPT! I know, but few do it, and even fewer do it right. Plus you've probably seen the laundry list I'm about to provide you a thousand times, but when are you going to start applying it? Any we go again:

Following the formula of the GURUS:

1. Build your own website with a memorable domain name (i.e. WWW.AMAZINES.COM) that encompasses your niche market, and your core competency.

In other words, "WHO" are you marketing to specifically, and what is your UPS? (unique selling position).

2. Build credibility with your target market.

With your professional website presentation, share with your target market what you're all about, i.e., "WHY" they should do business with you, "WHERE" you are on this earth in case they want to contact you, and "HOW" they can easily contact you and expect a response.

3. Build a trusting relationship with your target market.

"WHAT" makes me "feel good" about doing business with you?

Are you very knowledgeable in your field, and personable on top of it. If I were your prospect, or customer, what keeps me coming back for more of what you have to offer?

I could go on, however this short list should get you thinking.

Matter of fact, think of all the purchases (excluding all the free stuff you signed up for in the past 30 days) you've made, and who you've made them with?

It's pretty easy to figure it out really. Just study what the GURUS, are doing online, i.e. how they present themselves through their website, and email communications with you.

In other words, there is no need to go purchase the latest "insider marketing secrets" from some GURU who just came out of retirement, because he sees the massive potential of draining your bank account, while simultaneously growing his.

So think a little harder, and ask yourself: "What am I doing to make a name for myself?"

Come up blank? No answers? Then get out a pen and piece of paper, or break out "notepad" on your computer, and start "brain storming". All the time asking the questions I've presented to you above.

Then go apply it. Remembering all the time: test, test, and test some more until you start getting results. Then test some more using what is well known as "CANI" (Constant And Never-ending Improvement ).

`````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Harry Fassett is "Co-Owner" of The EZine Publishers Database dedicated to helping online publishers grow their "OPT-IN" lists. AMAZINES.COM "Where Publishers and Subscribers Connect".

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So when are you going to make a name for yourself?

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This article was published on 2002/07/03