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Melissa Ann Mitchell is a well known social media marketing teacher and mentor. She has worked for several years in education, as an English teacher in a public school in Southampton, NY and has held several positions in different areas, like English, Writing, and Department Administration. She has an educational background in Writing and Literature, Teaching, Educational Administration, Educational Technology and is completing her pHd in Educational Leadership. Melissa has always integrated technology in everything that she does as a teacher and lead teacher and more recently has stumbled upon the power of Social Media Marketing and Blogging.

As we all know, teaching, education, writing, and marketing are all beginning to take on a whole new face in the world of technology and social media. Many people are truly beginning to see the power in Social Media Marketing and Blogging to build businesses, grow networks, increase communication, and ultimately, build the next generation of entrepreneurialism. As Seth Godin states, the traditional form of publishing books is truly moving onto a whole new level, with the introduction of the Vook, the iPad, eBooks, online databases, and blogging. This shift in traditional marketing and publishing is moving rapidly and people need to pay attention or they can be left behind.

Melissa Ann Mitchell, interestingly, began blogging in 2007, in order to find a way to earn additional streams of income in her own home business, which at one point was merely a hobby. Now, in 2010, Melissa Ann Mitchell has developed such a toolbox in her experiences that she is able to mentor and train others how to use Social Media and blogging to boost any business and to tap into a whole level of marketing that just didn’t exist a few years ago. Traditional marketing, like Newspaper marketing, is just simply not giving people the return on investment that they are looking for, which is why people are moving towards Social Media Marketing (which is free) to grow a network of loyal followers and ultimately, loyal customers or paying members of their community.

Melissa Ann Mitchell has mentored several people in the area of Social Media Marketing and small or home business and is expanding her work to reach many more. As we all know, Social Media Marketing and Blogging are platforms that develop over time and do take a certain level of skill in writing and leadership, as it takes a level of professionalism and quality in order to attract people and truly build a substantial network.

She is still offering one on one mentoring, but only to a handful of people as it is truly very time consuming and in depth. She can consult and prepare a comprehensive plan that can then be implemented to build a Social Media Marketing campaign. She can also be hired on a monthly basis to be a Social Media Marketing Manager for people, but this is limited, as it does take a great deal of work. Melissa Ann Mitchell is expanding her reach to train Home and Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs in conference sessions, which are intensive one day trainings. She also offers a membership platform for people who are looking to just get started in Social Media Marketing and Building their Own Profitable Business. She is also available for speaking engagements.

Please visit the author’s site,, to learn more about how you can work with Melissa Ann Mitchell and build your own business and network and own a piece of the web.

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Social Media Marketing Mentor or Online Marketing Mentor and Teacher

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This article was published on 2010/10/22