The Benefits Of Promotional Merchandise

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Getting your marketing message across can be tough. It's hard to get noticed sometimes. After all, your prospective customers are constantly bombarded with advertising and marketing messages all day long, from the moment they switch their radio on in the morning until when they turn off the TV and PC at the end of the day. So what can you do to get people to sit up and take notice of your product, service and company?

Marketing is becoming ever more sophisticated, but making an impact and getting attention doesn't have to be all about the latest technology. Some traditional techniques are still hugely effective. Not to mention cost effective. Promotional merchandise is one such technique that is still a mainstay of marketing even in this age of increasing sophistication.

Maybe you have a new product to promote. Perhaps you want to increase visits to your exhibition stand at a trade show. You company might simply want to get better response rates to its marketing campaigns and generate more repeat orders. You may even be looking for a fun way to boost employee morale. Either way, promotional merchandise can help.

In a piece of research undertaken the by the Promotional Products Association International, they found that businesses who ran a corporate gift programme were twice as likely to be contacted by customers, compared with those who didn't.

The reason why promotional items are so effective is that people don't like traditional forms of advertising. They interrupt. More and more, you can simply screen this type of advertising. You watch TV on demand and fast forward the adverts for example.

Most people are far more receptive to marketing techniques that require their permission. They want marketing information that it's relevant or fun to check out when it's convenient for them.

With promotional items, you can take your marketing message and emblazon it on things like mouse mats, conference bags, memory sticks etc. These items are fun, practical and long lasting. They get used over and over or sit on a desk for months at a time. The longevity of your message is unrivalled.

A recent survey of corporate buyers revealed that:

92% believe branded promotional merchandise increases company brand awareness
76% say they can name a brand or company/organisation featured on a promotional merchandise on their desk
52% (over half) purchase from companies branded on a promotional merchandise product on their desk

By finding a trusted supplier with plenty of know how and experience you can plan a promotional campaign to improve the visibility of your company. No matter what your goal. It might be simply to present your organisation as more friendly and likeable or to boost sales. Your campaign could be an attempt to raise brand awareness or a drive to cut marketing costs. You might be looking to improve the life span of your marketing, heighten impact and enhance the impressions of your brand. This form of marketing can help you achieve all of these things.
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The Benefits Of Promotional Merchandise

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This article was published on 2010/11/17