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In the last few years, keyword marketing has developed at a very high rate and many people who own a business rush down into this new form it has morphed in. It is currently one of those market sections you would want to take advantage of as much as you can, for it is very cheap compared to conventional marketing and when professionals interfere, the results are stunning. The best thing there is to this section is that it doesn't involve large sums of money for expensive promoting campaigns, it is run by just one person and the price tag for this is just mere change. It is the perfect combination of advertising methods thrown into the largest advertising-hungry pit: the internet.  
The reasons standing behind article marketing and its success is that the articles written are full of information that people sought for, being it "10 ways to sell your car" or "1 reason not to" and with the right professional seo services, your company can earn good money. It is very different compared to what people have been fed so many years with, when they would just open up their papers or internet browsers, click here and there and be assaulted by descriptive content which couldn't provide any useful information at all. So basically one comes to think about the two and say: this one tells me something useful and the other just babbles about something. If the latter used to signal thumbs up to the advertiser's accounts, now roles changed and he only gets the thumbs down now. 
The main effect on the reader which is the consumer of rich content articles is that he will not also be presented with useful information, but he will also be encouraged to act according to that which he read about and by satisfying a need for him, he will be coming back again. What this means is that people's interest will and will be very high, allowing for increased sales. 
But article marketing is not just about telling some last night stories. It is a very complex human psychology resource kit which you must be very careful how to handle. It's the equivalent of slapping your neighbor and then apologizing you were drunk, but you actually didn't even have a drink. 
By far the most attention grabbing hook is the title itself. It comes down to every writer how good he is at it. The title must answer the questions who?, where?, what?, when?. Then make sure you develop an attracting lead to grab his attention even more and make him want to read until the end of the article. Be sure you know the target you are writing for. People who like mp3 players think very different from people who just like 5 cents pens. Always try to put yourself in their shoes and try to think from their point of view.
Exposing the benefits of your merchandise is a must! Try mesmerizing your potential client, tell him why he needs to buy it and convince him that he absolutely cannot live without it. Also, you don't want your article to become dull and make the reader realize this is just a cheap way of buying him. Always stay focused on the things you wish to communicate.

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Why article marketing is hot

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This article was published on 2010/12/06